In order to survive in this crazy world you have to find a good laugh or a friend who can provide one. Well, farm life hands you plenty of laughs each day. Our Blog – Life on the Farm – is our place where we can share our journey – our challenges, our successes and our joys in hopes that others will find some inspiration!

Christmas to Compost with a little Help from Our Goats

Christmas to Compost with a little Help from Our Goats

Each Christmas season, many evergreen trees and boughs appear in the community. What happens to these when the season is over? Lucky for our neighboring towns, goats LOVE to eat them!Please sir, may I have some more? Drop off your ...
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Moving Pains

Moving Pains

These 5 month old girls just moved into the big girl coop . Either they didn’t get the memo or they are sub-letting the stall! ...
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Custom Made-to-Order Cashmere Necklaces

Custom made to order cashmere necklaces. Children's gift box comes with their own cashmere kid animal with a personalized note from the goat who provided the cashmere. Necklaces are hand made and look great with birthstones. Nothing softer then cashmere ...
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When the Going Gets Tough Look to the Magnificent Egg

When the Going Gets Tough Look to the Magnificent Egg

Plain and simple it was one of those weeks that was determined to be an uphill battle. We have all had them and there will likely be more in our future. What pulls us through these weeks or days  can ...
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Christmas Trees, Layers and Sleep !

Christmas Trees, Layers and Sleep !

Christmas trees,  layers and sleep are 3 items that are my priority these days on the farm.  I am hopeful that folks are willing to donate their Christmas trees for our goats again this year. I'll be the one in ...
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Small Town Christmas Goat

Small Town Christmas Goat

Hulse Hill Farm's silver cashmere goat, Brina,  joined in the festivities in this year's arrival of Santa to downtown Cooperstown NY.  She even  got a few photo- ops with these two famous characters ! Christmas can be a  magical and spiritual time ...
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Seeing the Farm Through a Child's Eyes

Seeing the Farm Through a Child’s Eyes

If you have ever taken a child to a farm or have had children come to your own  farm you know the instant energy and excitement that occurs. Who doesn't love the thoughts of soft cuddly animals that show you ...
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Everyone Needs a Break to Notice the Beauty

Everyone Needs a Break to Notice the Beauty

Talk to any farmer and mention taking a vacation or a few days to get away and they will most likely  start to roll their eyes at you mid way through the conversation.  It is true the thought of having ...
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New Year 2017

Hulse Hill Farm 2017 – A New Year

It's going to be a great New Year! 2016 for Hulse Hill Farm  was a year of  growth and adventure!  We  had little time to sit back and reflect how darn lucky we were with the addition of a tiny ...
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tiny house

HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters features Hulse Hill Farm Season 4 ‘s Premiere Episode to Air January 1st !

Our Tiny House at Hulse Hill Farm We are delighted to share that Hulse Hill Farm's Tiny House episode  will be the season's premiere for season 4 ! The episode will air sometime on January 1st on HGTV. Rick, Matthew ...
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wreather2016 -christmas tree

Make Your Christmas Tree Sustainable by Feeding it to a Goat !

Don't throw out your Christmas Tree! Most of us get an extra flurry of energy and excitement during this time of year, whether it's the inner child memories of the holidays coming to the surface or the thought of what ...
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The Payoff of Farming…… it’s not money

Farming Pays off in So Many Ways Farming is a lot of work! July is  the month  on a farm that you see the results of all your hard work. Whether it's the animals with their healthy offspring playing in ...
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Oh Boy (s)! Come Play with Our Baby Goats

New Goats on the Farm Yesterday afternoon Olga gave birth to two little bucklings.  The birth was flawless and could not have gone any better. Both boys are nursing and happy. And did I say adorable !  These boys are ...
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farm family

Our Farm Family is Growing !

Our Farm Family continues to grow! We welcomed a new buckling on the farm early Saturday morning.  I earned my goat stripes with this little guy. No name yet and we would love suggestions that start with the letter "G"since ...
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Combing is Therapeutic !

Combing is Therapeutic !

In our fast paced world (and getting faster as you read this ) we tend to always be thinking ahead of what we have to or should be doing. No one knows this better then your local farmer who has ...
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We’re Pregnant !

Well the test results finally came back and  we are indeed pregnant.  Olga and Gwen should each have two bouncing kids sometime in June . It's been a great opportunity to get to know  our future kid's father the last ...
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Signs of Spring on the Farm

Signs of Spring on the Farm

There is no question that it has been the mildest winter for us in upstate New York, but what will spring be like? The budding garlic is frozen in the morning and hot in the afternoon. I am  afraid  fast ...
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Cozy Comfortable Cashmere ..... it almost ready !

Cozy Comfortable Cashmere ….. it almost ready !

Our goats are looking fluffier and fuzzier then ever!  Maybe it's the mild winter temperatures but it looks like combing might start in March  for us this year   (Typically it's  occurs in April and May ) Cashmere is combed ...
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