Seeing the Farm Through a Child’s Eyes

If you have ever taken a child to a farm or have had children come to your own  farm you know the instant energy and excitement that occurs. Who doesn’t love the thoughts of soft cuddly animals that show you unconditional  love and affection. But  in the real world and particularly on the farm,  love and affection comes with conditions .  This amazing childlike energy can be shaped into a teachable moment to aid in the development of some of  the most crucial skills kids will need to learn for life.  These are just a few I hope our kid- visitors take away from the farm :

Never chase a chicken…. Be Patient and earn it’s trust and  it will come to you

If you pull on an animals collar to make it walk it will only want to fight you………… Compromise and let it walk and guide it in your direction

If you pick it you eat  it …………….Everything has Value and Purpose 

Animals  interpret  excitement as danger …………Be Mindful of your energy and how it effects other

When I  see someone taking in a moment for themselves where they are connecting and in-sync with one of our animals  I know they get it.  The skills are learned and their experiences will only continue grow.







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