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Please let us know upon your booking what farm fun activates you would like to experience.

chick icon-trns  Tag along to help with morning or night chores.  Learn about the animals and how to care for them.

chick icon-trns Collect fresh eggs for your morning or dinner omelet.

chick icon-trns Harvest your meal from the garden with a fresh selection of in season vegetables/herbs.

chick icon-trns Participate on a guided hiking excursion with pack- goats that will carry your wine and cheese.

chick icon-trns April/May help comb out the cashmere from the goats. This soft buttery fiber is like none other.

chick icon-trns Cashmere skeins are available for purchase.

chick icon-trns Using a trail map from the farm hike into Cooperstown, passing through both fields, woods, rivers and numerous ponds.  See all the wildlife right in our back yard (2 mile trail to town, additional extensions  available).

Ask us about our “Wrap Yourself in Cashmere” Farm Stay… Great for Knitters!

We have one farm cat to help contain our varmint population named Bingo.  She is more like to sit in your lap than chase anything!

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