Everyone Needs a Break to Notice the Beauty

Talk to any farmer and mention taking a vacation or a few days to get away and they will most likely  start to roll their eyes at you mid way through the conversation.  It is true the thought of having other folks take over your responsibilities and handle farm chores the way you like it […]

HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters features Hulse Hill Farm Season 4 ‘s Premiere Episode to Air January 1st !

Our Tiny House at Hulse Hill Farm We are delighted to share that Hulse Hill Farm’s Tiny House episode  will be the season’s premiere for season 4 ! The episode will air sometime on January 1st on HGTV. Rick, Matthew and I had a blast with the amazing crew from Pietown Productions , Susan , […]

Living Large in our Tiny House

Our tiny house of 28 x 8 feet on wheels has finally landed in Fly Creek ! Our tiny farm chic cottage is everything we thought it would be.  Going through the process of finding a builder, designing our own custom home and eventually moving it to the farm has been a trial and error […]