Christmas Trees, Layers and Sleep !

Christmas trees,  layers and sleep are 3 items that are my priority these days on the farm.  I am hopeful that folks are willing to donate their Christmas trees for our goats again this year. I’ll be the one in town driving the green Honda CRV shoving trees from the curb  in her trunk .  Our farm truck is out of commission so we’ll make due.  Not only do our goats  love to eat every piece of  your Christmas tree-past  but all that  munching and chewing  helps to pass the time during these cold  doldrums winter days.  I look like a kindergartner trying to get all my gear on for recess these days. This is often an entertaining moment for  my husband as I am the furthest away from anything slightly attractive with all my Michelin Man layers.   It takes me at least 15 minutes to layer, snap, buckles and zipper everything. Once I’m layered up I am committed to the 2 hours of chores with no option of a bathroom break .  It’s like starting a race, at first you dread it then once you get going you start to enjoy it. Cold winter nights in the barn (if you are layered up enough) are some of the most peaceful times in the barn. The animals are still, quiet, and  observant of your every move.  Sometimes when we exchange glances I get the feeling they are communicating  how they  value  the hardiness to be out there for them and I in return feel the same way towards them. Sleep…. sundown at 4:50 sends my clock into sleep mode by 8PM.  I don’t fight it anymore as it must be natures way of telling us we need it !

If you would like us to pick up your  Christmas tree for our furry friends please call me at 518-605-9159.  Wishing you Happy New Year and a peaceful 2018! –Hulse Hill Farm 



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