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P.O. Box 190
Fly Creek, NY 13337

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We are a small homestead farm located in the beautiful Leatherstocking region of New York. Like any small farm we started with a few chickens and soon caught the farm fever, slowly adding gardens, more chickens and eventually a few cashmere goats!

We invite you to join us for a stay! Hulse Hill Farm offers an enchanting rural setting that is perfect for a relaxing time in the country.

Call us to check availability and make a reservation!

Call us at (607) 547-1245 to check availability and to make a reservation or use the reservations tab above!

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Small Town Christmas Goat

Hulse Hill Farm's silver cashmere goat, Brina, joined in the festivities in this year's arrival of Santa to downtown Cooperstown NY. She even got a few photo- ops with these two famous characters ! Christmas can be a magical and spiritual time of year no matter where you live but somehow Read More

Seeing the Farm Through a Child's Eyes

If you have ever taken a child to a farm or have had children come to your own farm you know the instant energy and excitement that occurs. Who doesn't love the thoughts of soft cuddly animals that show you unconditional love and affection. But in the real world and Read More

Everyone Needs a Break to Notice the Beauty

Talk to any farmer and mention taking a vacation or a few days to get away and they will most likely start to roll their eyes at you mid way through the conversation. It is true the thought of having other folks take over your responsibilities and handle farm chores Read More

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