So Really How Soft is Cashmere?

I am fortunate enough to have some extremely talented knitting friends. This comes in handy when you are raising fiber animals. Cashmere goats are not a registered breed, however in order to qualify as a cashmere you must meet a few pre-requites. First, your fiber must be below 18 microns. A micron basically measures the curve or crimp in a fiber, thus the more crimp the softer the fiber.  Sheep are typically between 26-30.  Alpaca’s around the 20ish range.  Quivet is actually the only fiber softer then cashmere. My cashmere goats range from 14 microns (Olaf) to 16.5 (Giselle)  . Typically as goats ages their micron numbers deviate slightly. However good breeding guarantees a steady return. Just look at the endless possibilities.




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