Cozy Comfortable Cashmere ….. it almost ready !

Our goats are looking fluffier and fuzzier then ever!  Maybe it’s the mild winter temperatures but it looks like combing might start in March  for us this year   (Typically it’s  occurs in April and May ) Cashmere is combed rather then sheered . It is one of the softest fibers  at 14-18 microns.  (Sheep […]

Everything You Need to Survive….Here on the Farm!

I absolutely love this time of year because I can stay on the farm and never really have to leave for anything. The garden has everything you could want to eat ,  the chickens are in full production and the goats are enjoying the pastures. Simplicity can bring clarity and contentment.

Welcome Tamanda!

Love is in the air  or is that the smell of a buck in the barn ?  Tamanda, a beautiful cashmere buck from St. Mary’s on the Hill ( located in Greenwich, NY) is our guest of honor this month. One way to get through a  Northern winter is to dream of baby goats for the Spring. Olga, one […]