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Small Town Christmas Goat

Hulse Hill Farm’s silver cashmere goat, Brina,  joined in the festivities in this year’s arrival of Santa to downtown Cooperstown NY.  She even  got a few photo- ops with these two famous characters ! Christmas can be a  magical and spiritual time of year no matter where you live but somehow the small town atmosphere and connections make it even that more special. Small town  spirit  can make you feel like you are part of something truly unique. The unity and support with each other creates a common fabric that bonds and seals a sense of community in a small town.   I am well on my way as being considered the “crazy goat lady”  in my small town.  This suites me just fine ! Give yourself a present this December. Drive to a small town or a different small town then you normally reside in.   Sit in the local diner or cafe and watch the magic.  Wishing  you a peaceful  holiday season.