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Cozy Comfortable Cashmere ….. it almost ready !

Our goats are looking fluffier and fuzzier then ever!  Maybe it’s the mild winter temperatures but it looks like combing might start in March  for us this year   (Typically it’s  occurs in April and May ) Cashmere is combed rather then sheered . It is one of the softest fibers  at 14-18 microns.  (Sheep can run up to 30 or more in micron)  Hugging a cashmere goat this  time of year is one of the most enjoyable experiences. They are pillow soft and have a wonderful clean, yes clean ,  smell to their fiber.  Unlike sheep they do not have the high lanolin content , and the odor it produces. So if you are looking for an activity to elevate you mood during February come by and hug one of goats!