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By No Means an Expert…

By no means am I an expert in any area of my life and the topic of gardening is no different. The one thing I am smart enough to do is to surround myself with experts. Over the years the garden has taken on different purposes from ornamentally to become more dual purpose… pretty to look at but edible! Some of our favorites are: beans, sugar peas, eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, broccoli, cucumbers, and pumpkins. corn, lettuce/spinach , radishes, onions, herbs, zucchini, acorn squash, summer squash, zucchini, peppers, did I say zucchini?




Mulch Pile Magic


The wonderful part amount about having animals is that they give back in so many ways! This year we have already harvested zucchini and acorn squash from our mulch pile plants. We are keeping our fingers crossed as the mulch pile is nursing a giant pumpkin. In October the Cooperstown Chamber sponsors a Giant Pumpkin Festival. It’s the highlight to our fall festivities in the area with a Pumpkin Paddle on Otsego Lake.

Who Doesn’t Love Chickens!

They have become the newest vogue accessory to any homestead. I actually had summer folks wanting to rent a few for their lawn for the appearance of farm life! We have a mixture of breeds and colors of eggs. Since I work in a school and truly love the variety of personalities, I’ve created the perfect classroom of chickens: Buff orphingtons, lavender orphingtons, americanas, brahmas, silver laced Wyandotte’s, arucanas’s, and pendescena’s. My latest venture for the spring of 2013 is to expand on the creation of lavender orphingtons. Below is a picture of Princess Di, who has all the personality traits of a princess. Don’t ruffle her feathers she‘ll take all morning to get them back in place!

I’m a believer in chicken therapy. Just hold a chicken on your lap, listen to it talk to you as you feel there baby soft feathers. You will forget all your worries!

Oh, and then there are the eggs!












Olympic Goats

My goats won’t be going to London this year, but they could have qualified in many categories…high jump, free style gymnastics, and the balance beam. All goats are fascinating, but I am partial to mine that are cashmere. Once a year Nana, Naomi, Olaf and Olga are groomed for their super soft cashmere. The cashmere is sent to Still Water Mill in Connecticut to be cleaned and processed. Eventually we will be selling our cashmere online, but here a quick peek at the producers of it all.