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Velma & Valentino are in the house!

It’s  been a  busy and exciting  two months on the farm. Not only do have we welcomed numerous baby chicks,  but baby Velma and Valentino were born March  27th  to Vina.  Vina  had all the instincts of a good momma except for her willingness to nurse two  babies. I can understand the stress of these demands however it then entailed  our family to take part four to six times a day in what I would called forced nursing. Not pretty or fun! I am glad to report that Velma now thinks we are her surrogate parents .  She is more fun then a puppy ! Her brother Valentino is a strong stout white cashmere buckling. I can’t wait to  be knitting with his fiber and wearing it! Happy days ahead  on the farm in green pastures and good company. What else could we ask for?


Making the Transition to Winter!

We had a  busy but  blessed Fall on the farm this 2013. The  fiber show  in Tunbridge Vermont was a  learning experience,  as well as a chance to meet some the smartest people in the goat  world!




We were very happy with the show results  which placed Olga second best  in her doe class.  She is  one big  puff ball right now , full of cashmere.  The judge commented several times on her stout  strong body style as  a strength, as well as the  production of her cashmere.

Matthew placed  second at our local grower Giant Pumpkin Festival in October  winning $100.00. Not bad for a  throw and  grow pumpkin in the mulch pile. We are  buckling up the farm for the winter with heated water buckets , heat lamps , and hay. We will welcome Vina back soon from being bred  by one of Yvonne Taylor’s  bucks from Maine. This might mean twin kids  in the Spring!

It time to get ready on the farm  for the  sudden changes of  Winter .  Hooking up heated water buckets, lamps and  stacking hay. The animals seem to  sense  the  upcoming changes with their recent calm and still temperament’s.  They once again remind me to embrace the  transition rather then balk about it.


Happy Goats…..Happy Chickens….Happy Farm!







Summer came in like a Tsunami this year. The wetness kept everyone inside and  fighting off the slugs. Fortunately  we entered  what you would  call our typical upstate NY summer weather…. 70’s, sunshine and a  relaxing breeze on the top of the  knolls. Olga and Olaf are enjoying the  feeling of being cashmere  free for a while with shiny  beautiful coats. We are about to welcome three new cashmere goats ,  Vina,  Gwen and  Giselle in into our barnyard family. This means  more pasture fencing and a  new barn. It also means more cashmere! With any luck from the fertility  Gods we’ll have some kids in the spring .

I have enjoyed having the time to sit and watch the chickens . The new lavender and white orphingtons  from Hinks  are magnificent.  Nothing causes you to stop and slow down in  this  busy life more then  summer on a small farm. There  is so much to see. Chores consume  much of  our time . However, the real gift is  just slowing down to watch and join the experience of the animals, the garden  and all that surrounds us. No cell phones , computers,  or  people. Just the barnyard and it’s simple balance.

Laugh of the Day

In order to survive in this crazy world you have to find a good laugh or a friend who can provide one. Well farm life hands you plenty of laughs each day. I will share our laugh of the days here on Hulse Hill Farms and hopefully you too will find your own throughout the day!