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Make Your Christmas Tree Sustainable by Feeding it to a Goat !

Don’t throw out your Christmas Tree!

wreather2016 -christmas treeMost of us get an extra flurry of energy and excitement during this time of year, whether it’s the inner child memories of the holidays coming to the surface or the thought of what the season is really all about,  love and hope .  However,  for goat farmers there is an additional  quality to the season,  that being a surplus of pine trees available for the taking! Goats absolutely love pine trees and will devour them completely, including the bark. It’s a win-win for everyone involved in this exchange. Trees are digested and put right back into the ground for further fertilizer. The term sustainable has been grossly over used and somehow lost its true meaning that being ” the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance” What a lot of people don’t know is that pine needles have a natural de- worming property to them. Imagine that… I’m not saying that this is a replacement for more conventional methods of removing worms, but it is a free, natural and they love it! Finally my favorite benefit of feeding pine trees to goats is that they obtain pine -fresh  breath!  Give any of my goats a hug after December 25th you’ll feel like you’re in a forest of pine trees. There are many great places to get your trees this year and some even benefit a good cause. Rick stumbled across the Gard’n and Gate Tree Farm  in Van Hornesville last year. (  https://www.facebook.com/gardngate/ )  It is right out of a Hallmark Christmas Movie! Cut your own tree with the hack saws provided or buy one of the pre-cut trees . Take home a unique wreath and kissing ball. The owners will take your families picture with your prized tree and place it on their display champion  Christmas tree bulletin board. You can take the picture home the following year as a memento.  I can’t say enough about the experience of visiting this magical farm . The complementary  popcorn amd hot chocolate just tops the whole experience off!

If  you would like tree picked up after the holidays please reach out to us on www.facebook.com/hulsehillfarm/


Our Farm Family is Growing !

Our Farm Family continues to grow!

We welcomed a new buckling on the farm early Saturday morning.  I earned my goat stripes with this little guy. No name yet and we would love suggestions that start with the letter “G”since his mom is named Gwen. Little “G” man  didn’t nurse or get up for the first two hours after birth. Not a normal behavior. So attempted bottle feeding and  nudging  did get some colostrum in him. By 3:30 am it was time for everyone to sleep.  Early morning  I found two dead fetuses that had developed until the third or early four month. According to the wonderful vet that made an emergency visit  Saturday night it looks like there was an infection noted in the color of the placenta. Little “G” man is lucky to have made it . The good news is that he is making steady gains, nursing (thank goodness) and starting to jump around. He is absolutely the cutest creature on earth. Ok , that’s the mom in me speaking. However it’s true.   As a perk to my emergency vet visit (and  bill!) we had an ultrasound done on Olga and saw two  pitter pattering heart beats. Looks like two more weeks for her delivery. As sad a the loss of these potential kids I am always amazed how mother nature leads the way.  Acceptance and moving on to what needs to be done are lessons  that farm life can teach us.  In the meantime little “G” man would love to have visitors  who would  like to hold him and sit to  play with him since he has no brothers or sisters . 



We’re Pregnant !

Valentino & Velma 2014

Well the test results finally came back and  we are indeed pregnant.  Olga and Gwen should each have two bouncing kids sometime in June . It’s been a great opportunity to get to know  our future kid’s father the last few months. His temperament and body stature is truly impressive. I am excited  to see these traits passed over , but lets be real you can’t help but love a baby goat no matter how they look !  We’ll be looking for a few names that start with O and G  so keep us in mind when you run across one. 

Signs of Spring on the Farm


There is no question that it has been the mildest winter for us in upstate New York, but what will spring be like? The budding garlic is frozen in the morning and hot in the afternoon. I am  afraid  fast paced growth will be like a lesson taught from the tortoise and the hare. Speed doesn’t always mean the best outcome. However, we’ll let Mother Nature figure this one out ! The cashmere is fluffy and buttery, but not all  of the herd is ready to let go of their fiber. Poor Olaf  was combed last weekend and gave me his best fleece ever. However, he was shivering in the barn a  few nights because of it. The extra bedding of hay allowed  him a warm place to nestle.  We are waiting for  the results of our pregnancy test on our two does, Olga and Gwen. If pregnant we should have some kids to play with on the farm in June. The Sugaring Off Sundays begin tomorrow at the Farmer’s Museum. For anyone feeling the March dull-drums this is a great way to get your spirit into early spring .  Our B&B Farm-stay is booking up for the summer and early fall months . We look forward to sharing the small farm experience with our guests! 

Visit http://www.farmersmuseum.org/ for more information about Sugaring Off Sundays