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Christmas Trees, Layers and Sleep !

Christmas trees,  layers and sleep are 3 items that are my priority these days on the farm.  I am hopeful that folks are willing to donate their Christmas trees for our goats again this year. I’ll be the one in town driving the green Honda CRV shoving trees from the curb  in her trunk .  Our farm truck is out of commission so we’ll make due.  Not only do our goats  love to eat every piece of  your Christmas tree-past  but all that  munching and chewing  helps to pass the time during these cold  doldrums winter days.  I look like a kindergartner trying to get all my gear on for recess these days. This is often an entertaining moment for  my husband as I am the furthest away from anything slightly attractive with all my Michelin Man layers.   It takes me at least 15 minutes to layer, snap, buckles and zipper everything. Once I’m layered up I am committed to the 2 hours of chores with no option of a bathroom break .  It’s like starting a race, at first you dread it then once you get going you start to enjoy it. Cold winter nights in the barn (if you are layered up enough) are some of the most peaceful times in the barn. The animals are still, quiet, and  observant of your every move.  Sometimes when we exchange glances I get the feeling they are communicating  how they  value  the hardiness to be out there for them and I in return feel the same way towards them. Sleep…. sundown at 4:50 sends my clock into sleep mode by 8PM.  I don’t fight it anymore as it must be natures way of telling us we need it !

If you would like us to pick up your  Christmas tree for our furry friends please call me at 518-605-9159.  Wishing you Happy New Year and a peaceful 2018! –Hulse Hill Farm 

Small Town Christmas Goat

Hulse Hill Farm’s silver cashmere goat, Brina,  joined in the festivities in this year’s arrival of Santa to downtown Cooperstown NY.  She even  got a few photo- ops with these two famous characters ! Christmas can be a  magical and spiritual time of year no matter where you live but somehow the small town atmosphere and connections make it even that more special. Small town  spirit  can make you feel like you are part of something truly unique. The unity and support with each other creates a common fabric that bonds and seals a sense of community in a small town.   I am well on my way as being considered the “crazy goat lady”  in my small town.  This suites me just fine ! Give yourself a present this December. Drive to a small town or a different small town then you normally reside in.   Sit in the local diner or cafe and watch the magic.  Wishing  you a peaceful  holiday season.


Seeing the Farm Through a Child’s Eyes

If you have ever taken a child to a farm or have had children come to your own  farm you know the instant energy and excitement that occurs. Who doesn’t love the thoughts of soft cuddly animals that show you unconditional  love and affection. But  in the real world and particularly on the farm,  love and affection comes with conditions .  This amazing childlike energy can be shaped into a teachable moment to aid in the development of some of  the most crucial skills kids will need to learn for life.  These are just a few I hope our kid- visitors take away from the farm :

Never chase a chicken…. Be Patient and earn it’s trust and  it will come to you

If you pull on an animals collar to make it walk it will only want to fight you………… Compromise and let it walk and guide it in your direction

If you pick it you eat  it …………….Everything has Value and Purpose 

Animals  interpret  excitement as danger …………Be Mindful of your energy and how it effects other

When I  see someone taking in a moment for themselves where they are connecting and in-sync with one of our animals  I know they get it.  The skills are learned and their experiences will only continue grow.





Everyone Needs a Break to Notice the Beauty

Talk to any farmer and mention taking a vacation or a few days to get away and they will most likely  start to roll their eyes at you mid way through the conversation.  It is true the thought of having other folks take over your responsibilities and handle farm chores the way you like it done can be  daunting. I swear if I had a  Fit Bit on me for morning chores it  would read  10,000 steps ! However, I learned an important lesson this weekend as a good friend  planned a bike ride adventure for us,  breaking away provides clarity and rejuvenation for the body and the soul.  I came back to the farm from only a three night getaway with new lenses seeing  the goats looking great, the chickens being happy and the barn isn’t as dirty as I thought. My farm list of to do’s is something I’m looking forward to now.  Lesson learned.  Here is is just a small piece of the beauty…..