Talk to any farmer and mention taking a vacation or a few days to get away and they will most likely  start to roll their eyes at you mid way through the conversation.  It is true the thought of having other folks take over your responsibilities and handle farm chores the way you like it done can be  daunting. I swear if I had a  Fit Bit on me for morning chores it  would read  10,000 steps ! However, I learned an important lesson this weekend as a good friend  planned a bike ride adventure for us,  breaking away provides clarity and rejuvenation for the body and the soul.  I came back to the farm from only a three night getaway with new lenses seeing  the goats looking great, the chickens being happy and the barn isn’t as dirty as I thought. My farm list of to do’s is something I’m looking forward to now.  Lesson learned.  Here is is just a small piece of the beauty…..