Farming Pays off in So Many Ways


Farming is a lot of work! July is  the month  on a farm that you see the results of all your hard work. Whether it’s the animals with their healthy offspring playing in the fields or the first taste of  fresh vegetables and ingredients from the garden. It just all comes together this month and you don’t want it to end. Ask your local farmer what their work day hours are like and they will tell you dusk to dawn ,  maybe even longer if they have headlights on their tractor. There is something to be noticed and appreciated everywhere you look on the farm this month. We are eagerly awaiting  for the raspberries to rispen . Our final two buckling have been awarded the names of Otis (good listener-Hebrew meaning )  and Ozi (strong-Hebrew meaning  ). We enjoyed meeting folks from all over the country as our guest at the B&B . I would say most leave agreeing that it’s hard not to  ” Laugh , Live and Love on the Farm “.