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Combing is Therapeutic !

In our fast paced world (and getting faster as you read this ) we tend to always be thinking ahead of what we have to or should be doing. No one knows this better then your local farmer who has to think about the weather, as well as the time frame for getting their season off the ground. With hopes that everything will progress, God willing, like a perfectly running clock. But that is not how life works. I have yet to meet a farmer who does not have some basis of a true faith whether they call it God or some other higher power. One of the activities I love this time of year is the combing process. For my fellow cashmere farmers who have more then 50 goats it can be a hectic and frantic time in getting all the cashmere off their animals. However, for me it means it’s time to slow down and enjoy what these amazing animals are giving me. If you rush the combing process a goat will feel it and will let you know. They will wiggle, yelp and their eyes will communicate their uneasiness. Combing a goat can take more then one or two sessions. It’s a process of connecting with the animal that communicates trust and appreciation. Goats let go of their fleeces in the spring but that can mean anywhere from March to June. When combing your senses take in the smell and feel of the fiber . In the end a goat walks off the stand looking completely different , and it’s a sign that another season has ended and new one is beginning.

We’re Pregnant !

Valentino & Velma 2014

Well the test results finally came back and  we are indeed pregnant.  Olga and Gwen should each have two bouncing kids sometime in June . It’s been a great opportunity to get to know  our future kid’s father the last few months. His temperament and body stature is truly impressive. I am excited  to see these traits passed over , but lets be real you can’t help but love a baby goat no matter how they look !  We’ll be looking for a few names that start with O and G  so keep us in mind when you run across one. 

Signs of Spring on the Farm


There is no question that it has been the mildest winter for us in upstate New York, but what will spring be like? The budding garlic is frozen in the morning and hot in the afternoon. I am  afraid  fast paced growth will be like a lesson taught from the tortoise and the hare. Speed doesn’t always mean the best outcome. However, we’ll let Mother Nature figure this one out ! The cashmere is fluffy and buttery, but not all  of the herd is ready to let go of their fiber. Poor Olaf  was combed last weekend and gave me his best fleece ever. However, he was shivering in the barn a  few nights because of it. The extra bedding of hay allowed  him a warm place to nestle.  We are waiting for  the results of our pregnancy test on our two does, Olga and Gwen. If pregnant we should have some kids to play with on the farm in June. The Sugaring Off Sundays begin tomorrow at the Farmer’s Museum. For anyone feeling the March dull-drums this is a great way to get your spirit into early spring .  Our B&B Farm-stay is booking up for the summer and early fall months . We look forward to sharing the small farm experience with our guests! 

Visit http://www.farmersmuseum.org/ for more information about Sugaring Off Sundays