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Lavender Orphingtons ….. my favorite color

Who wouldn’t want a lavender chicken! Most chicken breeds offer this color but the English Lavender orphington  is quite a sight. Not only is this breed winter hardy but  their feathers  truly look lavender in the sun. Our lavender orphington Princess Di was sent here from a breeder in the mid west and will hopefully breed with  some of  the  Hinckley lavenders that we hatched last Spring. The princess is accompanied by  of course with none other then  Prince Charles ……


Di in her younger days



Our Winter Wonderland on the Farm





Winter brings its own set  of  challenges in taking care of our animals, but it also offers a beautiful clean blanket of snow  to make them  seem even more amazing. Of course it helps to be a cashmere goat  during sub zero temperatures.  They love to roll in the snow and often look like  abominable snow goats during blizzards with snow stuck to them. Winter brings  peace and  serenity  to our small  homestead.